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  1. Contact the coaches: You may contact coaches at any time by e-mail, phone call or face to face. Coaches, however, can only contact you through e-mail until the end of your Junior Year.
    1. Letter of interest (Sample letter)
    2. Complete profile (your Eclipse profile)
  2. Coaches Contacting you (phone call/face to face)
    1. Div. 3:  Any time (1 call per week)
    2. Div. 2:  Jun 15th at end of Junior Year (1 call per week)
    3. Div. 1: July 1st at end of Junior Year (1 call per week)
  3. Profile (Form on website)
    1. All contact information (Address/Phone/E-mail)
    2. Club Team/ Colors/ Uniform Number
    3. Height / Weight / DOB
    4. SAT/ACT : GPA : Grad. Year : Major
    5. Gotsoccer profile (College Showcases)
  4. Video/DVD
    1. Complete game footage. Highlight self if possible
    2. Highlight film. Highlight of complete play
    3. Mention it in letter of interest (video upon request)
  5. Visits: Official/Unofficial
    1. Unofficial: unlimited, may set up meeting with coach/tour
    2. Official: Only allowed 5 (have list of schools narrowed down to 5 by end of Junior year)
    3. Allowed only 48 hours on campus (try to get a weekday in)
    4. Unlimited contact the week leading up to official visit
  6. Camps
    1. No team camp (unless run by your coach)
    2. Only if invited by coach recruiting you
    3. Most are basically for socializing (Be selective)
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