Philadelphia University

Annual 8 v 8 Tournament   




NCAA Rules will apply with the following exceptions:


1)      The field will be 70 yds X 50 yds.    Regulation goals will be used.

2)      7 field players and a keeper are on the field at the same time.  Substitutions may be made on your throw in only and over the end line.

3)      All games are 25 minutes.  There will be no half time.  The referee will keep the clock.

4)      A second yellow card during the tournament will eliminate the player for the remainder of the tournament.  A red carded player will be allowed to be replaced.

5)      Goalkeepers are not allowed to punt or throw the ball over midfield in the air.  Goal kicks may not be played over midfield in the air.

6)      There will be no off-sides.

7)      All free kicks are indirect.

8)      Any problems or discrepancies that occur will be resolved jointly by the coaches and officials in the best interest of the tournament.




1)                  Brackets standings are determined by the following point system

a)                  3 pts.-win

2 pts.-tie

0 pts.-loss

1 pt.- every goal up to three per game

1 pt.- for a shut-out


                             b)    In case of a tie after round robin play, the tie will be broken by                             

                                     using the following system:

1)      Head to head competition

2)      Most wins

3)      # of shut-outs

4)      Least goals allowed

5)      Most goals scored

6)      Penalty Kicks


2)                  The top team from each bracket will advance to the playoffs.

3)                  In case of a tie during the championships rounds, a winner will be determined by the following:

A: One ten-minute sudden death period.

B:  Starting with the goalkeeper, one player will be pulled from the field every 2 minutes until a goal is scored.