Neumann University

1st Annual 11 v 11 Tournament   


Rules:  NCAA Rules will apply with the following exceptions:


1)      The field will be full sized field with regulation goals with 10 field players plus goalkeeper.

2)      Substitutions may be made on your throw in, goal kick or corner kick.  If the opposing team is substituting on their throw in, goal kick or corner kick, then both teams may substitute.  Both teams may substitute after a goal.  Since games are running clock, substitutes MUST be present and ready to go at the half way line.

3)      There are unlimited substitutions.

4)      All games are 35 minutes with no half time.  Time will be kept either by the referee or via scoreboard.

5)      Home team will wear light (white) colored jerseys; the away team will wear dark colored jerseys.  The home team will occupy the bench to the left (when facing the field) and the away team will occupy the bench to the right (when facing the field).  There should be a grass area available behind the stadium to warm up, however the conditions will not likely be the best.

6)      The away team will take the half of the field in front of their bench and have the tap.

7)      Players are permitted WATER ONLY on the field.  No Gatorade, other sports drinks, food or chewing gum are permissible on the field.  (Please have your teams obey this rule, it is expensive for us to clean the turf and we want to be able to continue to host this event.  Also please be sure to have your teams clean up any bottles, tape, pre-wrap, etc.)  There should be water available on the day of the tournament.

8)      A second yellow or red card during the tournament will eliminate the player for the remainder of the tournament.

9)      Parents are encouraged to enjoy the games and cheer loudly.  Comments directed at officials should be avoided.

10)  Any problems or discrepancies that occur will be resolved jointly by the coaches and officials in the best interest of the tournament.

11)  No standings will be kept.


Soccer is a beautiful game, let us keep it that way! 

All decisions will be made in the best interest of the tournament.