Lauri B. Cain


School:A.P. Schalick High School, Pittsgrove, NJ
Senior, Goalie
Club Team:Woodstown United Eclipse
Coach: Rich Stone - ;  856-478-4078
Profile:Class of 2003 
Height: 5' 5"/Weight: 107
DOB: May 15, 1986
  • GPA: 4.253 un-weighted - 3.65 weighted 
  • Class Rank: 20 
  • SAT: 1270 SAT II to be taken January 2003-Biology and Literature 
  • National Honor Society- Advanced Placement Honors taken - Maintained A's and B's throughout High School, elementary and middles school. First student in Schalick HS to advance a grade. 
  • NJ Goalie Wars State Champion 2002, 16 and 17 year bracket. 
  • Trained this past year and presently by former professional Goal Keeper who played for Greece, Mr. Dan PapaDaniil - 856-453-0089(W), 856-563-1413(H)
  • Attended Rowan University Soccer Camp 2001 and received the Most Valuable Player Award in the 15-19 bracket. This included both male and female goalies. 
  • Received numerous first place trophies for tournaments played with my club teams - Woodstown United Eclipse and C.P. United Wildcats (coached by Bruce Richards). Field player for 8 years, goal keeper for the past 4 yrs.
  • Currently training 10 and 13 year old keepers.
Planned Tournaments: CP United Easter (Apr 19),  Voorhees (May 24-26),
JAGS (Jun 21-22),   State Cup 
Personal Statement:Plan to attend college to receive a Doctorate Degree and become a Pediatrician. Also, I have aspirations of playing goal keeper for the USA Women's World Cup  
Parents:Gloria and George