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WOODSTOWN v Barrington
April 19, 2001

It looks like our training with Mr. Haines is paying off.

Of course the first 10 minutes we struggled to get the ball out of our end. They pressed us very hard, took several shots and got a few corners.

After we warmed up, we put on a passing clinic. Possibly the best we've ever played. Although it appeared they weren't pressing us hard, it may have been that they just got tired of chasing the ball around.

Many times we changed fields, bringing the ball up the opposite side. This gave us plenty of time and space, my favorite subject. We were able to string 5 to 7 passes together on a regular basis, and a few times as many as 9 or 10.

Our patience paid off by dropping the ball keeping possesion then going forward. Our forwards were unselfish dropping the ball back to the open midfielders allowing them to shoot. Sarah made two goals like this. The outside mids made several good runs (staying wide) for the ball to be played out to the corner to them. This enabled the outside people to make a good service into the box.

The next game is Sunday against Cherry Hill.

They will come out hard and we need to be prepared. Go to bed early Saturday night.

General Tips

In this area I'll include a list of general tips. I'll add to this list as the season goes on. For example:


Move to space off the ball.

Support the ball.

Create passing lanes.

Stay wide!

Keep pace on your passes.


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